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This is the SimpleMC documentation, a Python package for cosmological parameter estimation and model comparison using Bayesian inference, optimization and machine learning algorithms. SimpleMC also contains a collection of tools for cosmological data analysis, such as a cosmological calculator, plotting utilities and other statistical issues. The cosmological models included in SimpleMC are Dark Energy models where only expansion history matters. In the simplemc_workshop repository, there are some slides about SimpleMC (in spanish) and an example of a jupyter-notebook using SimpleMC in Google Colab.

There are 3 options to install, or use, SimpleMC:

  1. You can use SimpleMC in Google Colab, please see the Section Using Google Colab in Requirements.

  2. On the other hand, you can visit the GitHub code repository, download the source code here or clone it as follows:

    git clone

Then, you can install it:

cd SimpleMC

pip3 install -e .
  1. Also, you can install SimpleMC without clonning:

    pip3 install -e git+

In a few days, the pip install option will be available pip3 install simplemc.

Please read the introduction section where you can see the requirements and a simple quick start. In the tutorials section you can find several examples of SimpleMC functions.

SimpleMC employs amazing external codes and algorithms, please go to the citation section for details if you feel it is pertinent to cite them.

Extended index


  • (28/06/2023) New cosmic chronometers added (HD23).

  • (28/06/2023) New BAO data added (DR16BAO).

  • (27/06/2023) Pantheon Plus added (PantheonPlus).

  • (24/05/2022) Fix MCMCAnalyzer and update requirements.

  • (27/04/2022) Fix mpi4py import in MCMCAnalyzer and allow to work it with only 1 processor.

  • (23/02/2022) Improving postprocessing.

  • (12/01/2022) Unifying binned and full Pantheon likelihoods. Added covariance matrix in postprocessing. Added AIC information criterion. Saving output of individuals from GADeap.

  • (17/12/2021) Fix binned Pantheon data and likelihood. Save maxloglikes in postprocessing. Reordering optimizers.

  • (04/11/2021) Update paths of datasets, setup and requirements.

  • (06/09/2021) Setup file and pypy install ready. Data in likelihood modules use relative paths.

  • 0.9.8 (06/09/2021) Improvements in postprocessing. Return dictionaries in DriverMC.executer. Correction in the reading of the columns by mcevidence.

  • 0.9.7 (02/09/2021) Add emcee and mcevidence source codes (modified). Fix output texfile of ga_deap. Delete old genetic algorithm.

  • (12/08/2021) Summary output to all analyzers. Remove nestle engine.

  • (09/08/2021) Add ga_deap options in ini file.

  • 0.9.6 (7/06/2021) Unify simple and generic models, test generic likelihood.

  • (26/04/2021) Quintom with coupling and curvature. Beta version of neuralike. Warnings for non-essential libraries.

  • (21/03/2021) Fixed parameter estimation problem in Summary of nested chains.

  • (07/02/2021) GA from deap working with fisher matrix for errors.

  • 0.9.5 (19/09/2020) Test and fix bambi with modified dynesty.

  • 0.9.4 (25/06/2020) Working on neutrinos. New models: logt, IBEG, anisotropic, brans-dickie. Maxanalizer and fisher working.

  • (05/06/2020) SimpleMC Workshop via Zoom for ICF-UNAM

  • 0.9.3 (02/06/2020) Fix typos and little errrors. DriverMC. Testing models and cosmology. Running and cleanning genetic functions.

  • 0.9.2 (23/04/2020) adding modified dynesty. Postprocessing. Compressed data. GR for a single chain.

  • 0.9.1 (06/04/2020) paralelise MCMC and added GR. Simple plots. Nested samplers. Updating hubble diagram to 31 points.

  • 0.9.0 (28/11/2019) Gelman-Rubin diagnostics for MCMCAnalyzer. Ini files. Generic models and likelihoods.

  • 0.8.9 (25/11/2019) Moving likelihoods into a likelihoods folder and models on to models folder.

  • 0.8.7 (20/11/2019) Adding HD and full JLA. Ordering directories.

  • 0.8.6 (20/08/2019) Bug in the MCMC sampler.

  • 0.8.5 (29/04/2019) Updated Lya likelihood to DR14.

  • 0.8.4 (23/03/2019) python 3, towards eBOSS.

  • 0.8.3 (10/10/2017) Added binned cosmology.

  • 0.8.2 (25/07/2017) DR12 and DR14 data.

  • 0.8.1 (06/01/2016) Added sampling test for demonstration of MCMC.

  • 0.8.0 (01/09/2014) Initial version.


  • Add nerualike to the main branch.

  • Add Planck-18.